A New & Rapid Way to Kill Legionella


Legio-Oxy® is based on Advanced Catalytic Oxidation which provides three WQA/NSF certified components. All 3-in-1 formulation as powder that supports the complete eradication of Legionella just in half an hour of contact time in any water system, while also preventing its regrowth.

Advanced Catalytic Oxidation-Reagent-Chemically, a Titanium Oxycarbonate solution has emerged as a non-toxic alternate to chlorine-based chemicals and non-chlorinated biocides. Legio-Oxy® is also the long-awaiting answer to worldwide problem that is just getting bigger and worse.

This novel Legio-Oxy® is based on WQA/NSF certified products for Drinking Water application.


Legio-Oxy® is a complex, yet the most environmentally friendly formulation of Catalyzed-Oxidation and it is very effective at the oxidizing organic, inorganic matter, and destroying Legionella and biofilm in one process.


Compared to any other conventional reagents, Legio-Oxy® ranks the highest at applying active energy to initiate Oxidation, otherwise known as Electrochemical Oxidation Potential (EOP). Higher the EOP, the more forceful the attracting electrons and faster the reaction.

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Advanced Catalytic Oxidation