(On-Site Test Kit For Legionella)

Single Syringe LegioTest
Single Syringe LegioTest

Watch Water® has developed a new On-Site Testing method for detecting deadly Legionella bacteria in water and biofilm. Single Syringe LegioTest is the First Only Rapid testing kit for Legionella bacteria, that can be fully conducted On-Site from any source such as domestic and industrial hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, fountains, hot tubs and pools, sinks and showers, air washers, humidifiers, and others. Single Syringe LegioTest is very flexible and requires no training or experience to carry out the test.

LegioTest is the only On-Site Single Syringe Legionella test that can be used to Mitigate risk under any difficult circumstances. Single Syringe LegioTest provides a simple test with accurate results in only 25 minutes.

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