Why this guidance to entire world?

Legionnaire’s disease is a type of pneumonia which can cause serious illness in persons who are susceptible such as those over 20-80 years, smokers, and those with underlying health conditions.

In world just under 5 in 10 of those who acquire Legionnaires disease die. Legionnaires disease and the milder form, which is a flu like illness called Pontiac fever, is caused by the growth of Legionella in building water systems which are not adequately managed. Aerosolized water from systems containing Legionella can cause Legionnaires disease or Pontiac fever to expose persons.


Closure of Buildings

Closure of Buildings

or parts of buildings and their restricted use, can increase the risk of Legionella growth in water systems and associated equipment including evaporative air conditioning and cooling water systems, spa pool, tubs and other equipment if they are not managed adequately.

When Restarting

When Restarting

Carry out a full system check.

A. Legiotest

Watch Water® has developed a new On-Site-Testing method for detecting deadly Legionella bacteria in water and biofilm. Legiotest is the world’s First-Only-Rapid testing kit for Legionella bacteria, that can be fully conducted On-Site, and requires no training or experience to carry out the test.

Legiotest is the only On-Site Legionella test can be used to Mitigate risk under these difficult circumstances. Not only does the simple test provide accurate results in only

25 Minutes

It significantly reduces the time required for individuals to be On-Site, it can be used in isolation by anyone, with the help of Watch Water branches around the world.

A New & Rapid Way to Kill Legionella

A New & Rapid Way to Kill Legionella

Legio-Oxy® is is based on Advanced Catalytic Oxidation which provides three WQA/NSF certified components. All 3-in-1 formulation as powder that supports the complete eradication of Legionella just in half an hour of contact time in any water system, while also preventing its regrowth.

Advanced Catalytic Oxidation-Reagent-Chemically, a Titanium Oxycarbonate solution has emerged as a non-toxic alternate to chlorine-based chemicals and non-chlorinated biocides. Legio-Oxy® is also the Long-awaiting answer to a worldwide problem that is just getting bigger and worse.

This novel Legio-Oxy® is based on WQA/NSF certified products for Drinking Water application.

Important to know!

COVID-19 will have an effect on access to microbial testing. Many individual and facilities are practicing social distancing and may not allow water engineers On-Site to collect traditional samples. Laboratories, where culture tests are carried out, may be experiencing an overwhelming influx of clinical samples from potentially sick patients and may be closed for working with less staff.

After surviving COVID-19

Who wants to open a building and have another set of significant safety issues?

Legionnaires Disease

The test of legionella takes minimum 7 to 14 days. “And all Lab’s are already under enough stress as it is.
It’s a worldwide problem and it can be solved only with Rapid Test = Legiotest and Legio-Oxy® A New Rapid way to kill Legionella.